100% employee-owned. 100% committed to loan originators.

100% employee-owned and debt free, Axia is composed of collaborative co-owners who are laser focused on your growth. We believe your success is our success, and we are committed to driving your business forward in a way that is in your best interests so you can successfully get to the next level.

Why Axia

Loan Originators have a real stake in the company.

At Axia, LOs have a real stake in the company. Your relationships, your reputation, and your commitment to excellence are instrumental to attracting homebuyers and earning their trust and loyalty. And that ultimately brings value to all of us. By investing in LOs, we are investing in our future, because the work you do ultimately will impact our bottom line and our strength as a company.

Employee Owned

Axia’s Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) is all about going long and thinking big. As employee-owners, we all are working toward the same goal. And as everyone does their part to build relationships, be creative, and help add more value, it’s no longer about “I” or “You” — It’s about US and what WE can create together.

Growth Mindset

Axia is actively growing and here to stay. Our strong foundation allows us to withstand challenging market conditions and provide support and resources while other companies are paring back. And we abide by a smart, sustainable growth strategy that is set up to benefit every employee-owner, including the LO.

Low Cost to Produce

We are committed to keeping corporate expenses low so we can offer lower rates and fees for our borrowers. This makes you more competitive which ultimately results in potentially higher commissions and profit margins.

Room to Grow

You won’t find an Axia branch on every corner, and that’s how we want it. Our manageable size not only keeps your offerings unique and your business competitive, but it gives you ample room to grow and evolve.

Flexible Setup

Whether it’s allowing you to bring along your own processors or other support staff, or offering options that provide flexibility with compensation and pricing/rates, we’re open minded about how we structure branches to best support you.

You Have a Voice

We are committed to listening to your input, valuing your perspective and offering meaningful support across the organization to help you compete and grow at a market level.


Get the inside scoop on life at Axia from one of our Producers.

what axia loan originators say

Axia has some of the best people I’ve worked with in my 30+ year career in the mortgage business. Our senior management and support staff are always supportive and looking forways to improve and be the best we can be.

— Terry Mays, Loan Originator, Branch Manager

The underwriting, doc drawing, and funding are outstanding!

— Dean Lucich, Loan Originator

It’s just the culture here. Everyone picks up the phone and answers it. They want to help. You don’t get that everywhere else. We’re so fortunate.

— Chris Jensen, Loan Originator, Branch Manager

Axia has a genuine passion for helping families in our communities achieve homeownership. Emphasis on genuine.

— Rick Robertson, Loan Originator

Axia is big enough to compete with the big folks, but small enough to listen to the field and change when needed.

— Tyler Harward, Loan Originator, Branch Manager


Employee Stock Program

Every Axian participates in and benefits from the success of the company. Axia allocates shares of stock each year and shares increase in value through vesting and an increasing share price.

The ESOP is an exciting future-forward incentive with benefits that are more than just financial. Strip away the stiffness and complexity of an ESOP ownership model, and you have people. People all pointed in the same direction, focused on generating value through our relationships, ensuring the business is run responsibly, and providing a reliable and stable retirement platform for everyone down the road.

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