File Management

Minimal Documents Need for processing

Your valuable time shouldn’t be wasted chasing down docs just to get a file into processing. At Axia, we require only the following to move forward: Complete 1003, Credit Report, Asset Amount Type and Source, Income Amount Type and Source.

Efficient File Flow

Your good reputation with borrowers and referral partners is protected by our reliably fast and predictable operational fulfillment, including full access to our underwriters and ops managers.

Milestone Updates that Inform, Not Confuse

Our flexible, personalized real time loan status updates communicate progress in a linear, forward fashion to avoid borrower confusion when internal milestones are temporarily adjusted.

Cooperation & Flexibility

Our banking ops departments communicate and partner with you, providing flexibility and patience to help put the puzzle pieces together in an efficient and streamlined manner with a focus on ensuring positive experiences for both you and your customers.

Banking Support

This invaluable LO resource assists you with loan scenarios, loan structuring or restructuring, property questions or concerns, income calculation (performed by an underwriter), guideline explanations, and other general loan questions and support.

Embedded Day 1 Certainty

Saves you time, allows for quicker approval decisions, speeds up the mortgage process, and enhances the borrower experience.

In-house condo department

Our dedicated in-house condo department helps determine the eligibility of condo projects and streamlines approval for both new and existing condo partners


Axia has its own appraiser panel which allows for better control over the process and borrower experience, plus a dedicated appraisal desk to facilitate the ordering of appraisals and perform a cursory review before underwriting.

Express Path

Strengthen your borrowers’ commitment to you by providing and clarity and confidence through Axia’s Express Path program: a straightforward workflow based on objective loan characteristics that, when the loan fits within certain parameters, provides an initial decision within 24 hours or less.


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